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hmm space gave me time to think...if that makes sense?... [26 Oct 2004|10:58am]
ok so im in a really great is slowly growing from like to love and all of my friends are great and i have a job and a car and im going to get a better just seems like everything is in place and it all feels right but there is still something not sure what it is and im sure i wont until i become painfully aware of it....hmmm i guess thats the way everything works though right? i mean do you know that you love someone right away? well i dont and i realize i do when i am away for a long time or if something tests me on my commitment for someone or something......well its snowing outside of my house right now...its cool i want it to snow more and more....i wish i had some ecstasy right now...i would be happy...ok i think im not going to write anymore right goiing to myspace........dont ask why i just am..ya ok bye bye!
slit my throat

[12 Sep 2004|11:38pm]
oh man a whole lot has happened scince i last wrote ......but im sick...and im too lazy to write it al sure noone wants to know anyways so ya....

i got a new backround....i should be eraserhead......let me know if it worked..
1 played in my blood| slit my throat

[26 Aug 2004|12:11pm]


see how well you know me.....

slit my throat

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